Jamie Hedman

Freegirl Skincare founder Jamie Hedman’s mission is to provide natural, non-toxic skincare products for women.

Jamie Hedman’s business, Freegirl Skincare, was born from an unlikely source.

It started when Hedman, who lives in Buena Vista, was looking for products that would help with her son’s eczema. She said she found that a lot of skincare products have harmful ingredients.

Hedman said she met with a nutritionist and learned about natural ingredients and products that might help soothe skin.

There weren’t many products with natural, non-toxic ingredients out there, Hedman said, so she started making her own, and turned it into a business.

Hedman said she spent three years working with different ingredients and learning about the industry.

Freegirl Skincare’s product lineup includes three serums, two cleansers, two moisturizers, an eye cream and a facial mask, Hedman said, with plans to expand the offering.

Freegirl Skincare’s e-commerce business launched in November, and Hedman said she is hoping to expand to local spas and salons soon, as well as Amazon.com.

Business is going really well so far, Hedman said. Freegirl Skincare currently has three employees, Hedman said, all in Buena Vista. Their products are manufactured in California.

Hedman said the next step for the business is to get the word out. She said she is working on an influencer marketing campaign, as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Awareness of what people put in and on their bodies is huge right now, Hedman said. She said a lot of ingredients in skincare products have harmful side-effects, including hormone disruption and cancer.

Freegirl Skincare’s products are Made Safe certified, which Hedman said means they’re completely non-toxic. She said every ingredient in Freegirl’s products was scrutinized by scientists to make sure they were safe.

Hedman, who is also a Christian life coach, said she is all about helping women – educating them and offering skin care products with top-quality ingredients.

She said she donates a portion of each product sold to organizations that support victims of sex trafficking.

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