Governor Jared Polis praised the recent decision by the Mexican Supreme Court that would allow the Mexican government to lift a barrier to imports of U.S. fresh potatoes, including those from Colorado.

“This is terrific news for both Colorado potato growers and those across the border who enjoy  delicious potatoes grown in southwestern Colorado,” said Governor Jared Polis. “I support a strong trade relationship with Mexico and am glad that now we’ll be able to have another opportunity for economic exchange.” Polis participated in the U.S.-Mexico Parliamentary exchange while serving in Congress and co-chaired the bipartisan U.S.-Mexico Friendship Caucus.

“The recent Mexican Supreme Court ruling in favor of accepting U.S. potatoes into Mexico is great news for our potato industry. For potato growers in the San Luis Valley, it is going to be a huge opportunity to expand our market share to the southern border which was well overdue according to the original NAFTA agreement,” said Miguel Diaz, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee.

Mexico is the third largest export market for U.S. potatoes, with about 20 percent of Colorado potatoes exported to Mexico annually.

The U.S. exports about $60 million worth of fresh potatoes to Mexico every year despite current rules only allowing American potatoes to be sold within 26 kilometers of the U.S.-Mexico border. 

If the Mexican government lifts the restriction, U.S. exports could rise to as high as $200 million per year over five years, according to the National Potato Council.

“This decision is a huge deal for allowing full access to Mexico for U.S. potatoes and potato growers,” said Bob Mattive, of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee. “This has been ongoing for many years, and we’ve been working hard to make this happen.”


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