High Altitude Portable Oxygen

Tom and Marybeth O’Brien of High Altitude Portable Oxygen cut a ribbon and hold plaques from Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce to commemorate their company joining the chamber. Also attending the ceremony were Vaqueros and other members of the chamber, from left, Sherry Turner, Mark Moore, Ken Leisher, Sam Johnson, Eva Egbert, Harry Payton and Gary Buchanan.

High Altitude Portable Oxygen recently was welcomed to membership in Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The business was started by two emergency medicine nurses and an emergency physician who see the effect of high altitude on visitors to our area on a daily basis.

They also see the frustrations of coordinating oxygen through traditional oxygen companies and insurance pathways.

People who come to visit high altitude may experience the effects of decreased oxygen and air pressure.

They may feel short of breath, have difficulty sleeping or not be able to do the activities that they hoped to do while living or visiting high altitude.

Initially available and used by athletes for quick recovery, oxygen is now available to the general public without a medical prescription.

The owners wanted to provide prompt and reliable portable supplemental oxygen through a different model.

They provide recreational oxygen without a prescription (for rent) and use the same equipment and sterile oxygen tubing.

High Altitude also offers portable oxygen concentrators with prescription.

Delivery is available throughout Chaffee County, Lake County and parts of Park County.

For more information visit www.highaltitudeportableoxygen.com, email highaltitudeportableoxygen@gmail.com or call 719-359-7842.

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