A project that began as a way of keeping track of personal licensing and certifications for Erick Miller and two coworkers has turned into a small business.

Miller is a local nurse/paramedic who lives part-time in Coaldale.

“In the beginning we catered mostly to medical people because we are medical people,” he said. “PIACET began as a way of storing our licensing and certification information. Then, when COVID-19 started we created VaxLocker, powered by PIACET to store COVID-19 cards or test results for individuals. 

“Users could have information on vaccines and test results with them on the app at all times and not be at risk of losing cards. Some of our customers even have their driver’s licenses and their parents’ information on their apps.”

While there are other companies that store this information, Miller said he is a privacy zealot, and VaxLocker will not share or sell individuals’ information with anyone. The app is available free to individuals on Apple or Android. 

Go to the iTunes app store or the online version at vaxlocker.com to read the privacy policy in both common language and the attorney’s version.

“We want people to feel good about using our product,” Miller said.

While VaxLocker is new, the app has been available as PIACET for several years and is used by more than 12,000 people nationally to store private information.

For businesses and families, PIACET has an administrative portal where employees can share their COVID-19 cards, tests or other required licenses.

“Our business portal is super affordable and easy to use,” Miller said. “Cost for a business portal begins at $9.95 for 10 people or less, and the advantage with VaxLocker is privacy. Information will not be sold or shared with anyone.”

The app can be presented anywhere a COVID-19 card or test results are needed. For example, Miller said, he has shown his VaxLocker app at Fiddler’s Green and Van Morrison concerts and will use it for the Dave Matthews Band concert.

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