Carol Samson pens compilation of short stories

Salida author, Carol Samson, has added another book to a long list of published works with the publication of “Goose Summer” by Owl Canyon Press.

The collection contains short stories about finding a third space, a place of mind that offers time for thoughts and translation. The stories were collected from her life in western places, mostly Colorado and the settings vary as narrators consider Meeker, Walsenberg, Oak Creek, Taos, Denver, Steamboat and Salida with narrators looking closely at place and history of place and worlds beyond.

“The stories consider objects, “thing theory”, about artifacts, especially photographs and memory,” Samson said. “They contemplate the fact that nothing is ever simply one thing and that life is, at its base, memory.”

The title, “Goose Summer”, comes from the Medieval Period when English people called October and November “goose summer” because the geese were meaty and ready for feasting. Said quickly, however, the phrase becomes “gossamer” and suggests the spider webbings that detach on the air in fall or even angel wings or the mists that covered the English fields.

Samson holds a Ph.D. in English and Creative Writing from the University of Denver where she taught in the writing program. 

She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2019 and the Best of the Net 2020 award, among a long list of other recognitions. 

One of her stories appears in an anthology that won the Colorado Book Award for 2008 and several of her stories have been selected to be read in theater presentations by Buntport Theater in Denver’s “Stories On Stage” show 2015 and Chalk Horse Theater “Stories on a Sunday Afternoon” in Salida in 2018.

There is a Salida connection to some of the stories in “Goose Summer.” “Rhino” published by Manzano Mountain Review and nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2019 takes place at the Salida Farmer’s Market.

Sale of the book came about after Samson adapted some of the late Kent Haruf’s essays and parts of “Plainsong” for the stage production of “Harufspeak” at the SteamPlant in Salida.

“A gentleman in the audience asked if I was a fiction writer and asked me to send him a sample because he knew a publisher who was interested in discovering and promoting new works,” Samson said. “The publisher, Owl Canyon Press, took it and I can’t help but think the spirit of Kent Haruf and the colorful joy of the vendors at the Salida Farmer’s Market had something to do with this book finding its way.”

There is a copy of the book at the Salida Regional Library and the publisher will join Samson at writers’ tables in June during Art Walk.

“Goose Summer” is also available from Amazon, Audible and Owl Canyon Press (, can be ordered at The Book Haven and there is also a Kindle edition.

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