Art Commission eyes skate park for public art project

A conceptual rendering for the proposed art project “Spirit of Salida.” The art project will replace the current Salida Skate Part at First and G Streets, with an estimated budget of $200,000 to $300,000.


Sue Ann Hum, representing the Salida Public Art Commission Board, addressed city council Monday during their work session, regarding turning the Salida Skate Park, at the northwest corner of First and G streets, into a public art project entitled “The Spirit of Salida.”

Hum said they chose the site since a new, larger skate park will be opening soon in Centennial Park, and the location could serve as a gateway into the city. She said the art commission has been taking active steps to address the equality, diversity and acceptance that represents Salida.

Hum said the board would like to use their current year’s budget of $10,000 to hire a professional to begin the design layout. She said they thought the project would be between $200,000 and $300,000.

Michael Varnum, Salida Arts and Culture Director, said he spoke with David Lady, Public Works Director, and they estimate that it would cost $50,000 or more to prepare the space.

Hum said they have five intentions for project;

• A landmark, iconic and Instagrammable that is more then just a “welcome sign.”

• Visually inviting, connecting the immediate area with surrounding vistas and creating a place to gather.

• Beautiful and durable, a collection of visually interesting and interactive elements for all ages.

• Year-round access, celebrating all seasons through a unique layout with alternative, programmable space.

• Preserve heritage, including historical and cultural references signifying the past and informing modern “explorers.”

Council member Jane Templeton asked what the timeline for the project might be. Hum said they felt they could have the design by the end of the year, but were looking to the council for guidance beyond that.

Council member Harald Kasper said he was excited about the idea.

Council member Dan Short asked if the art display would be static, or some sort of rotating showcase. Hum said that currently they were thinking a static display, and hadn’t really talked about rotating the exhibits.

Short also said he was grateful to see an emphasis on diversity and equality.

Council member Justin Critelli asked if they would be filling in the existing skateboading bowls, to which Hum replied that she wasn’t sure and would see if or how they might fit into the design.


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