Local author returns for sixth ‘Corky Tails’ book

Local author Joni Franks just wrote the sixth book in her Corky Tails series. The latest installment is about the disappearing dark sky. 


Multi-award winning local author Joni Franks is back with the sixth book in her collection, “Corky Tails: Tales of a tailless Dog Named Sagebrush.”

The latest installment in the series is “Sagebrush and Disappearing Dark Sky.” The book, published by Xlibris, takes readers on an adventure that teaches environmental protection and preservation. In it, Sagebrush learns about how light pollution disrupts the natural behavior cycles of wildlife and obscures the viewing of constellations and the starry night skies. 

Distressed and saddened by this predicament, Sagebrush vows to improve this situation in her little corner of the world by protecting the dark skies from light glare. 

“A recent survey revealed that perhaps two-thirds of the world’s population can no longer look upwards and see the Milky Way due to light pollution,” Franks said. “I believe there is a need for the world to become aware of this fact. This book teaches readers how to remake what has been broken and calls for all to make a difference in their small corner of the world.”

The series has garnered 23 accolades, including the American Fiction Award, the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, the Book Excellence Award, the EVVY Award, a 2019 Best Book Award, a 2020 International Book Award and just recently—the International Readers Favorite Bronze Medal. 

“It feels like a dream come true to continue receiving awards for my ‘Corky Tails’ book series,” Franks said. “I could have never dreamed of such success!”

She said each of the books address a specific issue and then teaches a life lesson. Topics range from overcoming bullying and never giving up on your dreams, to environmental issues such as deforestation, forest fire and flood.

Franks lives in Howard and the series takes place in the mountains around here. 

“My books are set locally and will appeal to those who have a love of nature,” Franks said.

When asked what she wants readers to take away from her newest book, Franks said, “I would like to remind people about the importance of environmental protection. I hope through this book, I was able to bring awareness to the issue of light pollution. “

People can find Franks’ books at https://www.jonifranks.com/buy/ and also Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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