“Some stories deserve more time than the three to five minutes available on a tour,” Steve Chapman, owner of Salida Walking Tours, said when explaining the motivation behind his new podcast, History Does Rhyme.

“The murder of Salida’s marshal in 1883, Baxter Stingley, for instance—it takes forty minutes to cover that complicated tale.” 

Stingley’s story involved the lawman participating in, or at least covering up, criminal activity and protecting the tracks of a younger brother engaged in stealing cattle.

Chapman said a ninety-minute walking tour does not always allow for in-depth discussions of intriguing tales.

“Most guests realize there is more to some stories, but if I take time to share the entire saga, their trip gets shorted. This podcast is for those who appreciate well-researched and professionally-produced history programs,” Chapman said. 

Early reception of the History Does Rhyme podcast has exceeded expectations. “We’re getting over 100 downloads in the first week of each episode. That places it in the top twenty-five percent of all podcasts, nationally.” 

Each installment lasts about thirty minutes and includes a soundtrack and sound effects to help bring color to the stories. “It’s a bit like the early days of radio drama. I want listeners to ‘see’ it in their mind.”

The podcast covers stories from the early days of Colorado and the Arkansas Valley, including local characters such as Wilbur Foshay, who created the Heart of the Rockies campaign. 

“He was a convicted felon,” Chapman said. “Not everyone knows that he was the Bernie Madoff of his time and reinvented himself in Salida.” 

The name, History Does Rhyme, comes from a quote attributed to famed writer Mark Twain: “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” 

New episodes come out each Tuesday and are available free of charge on all podcast providers, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or www.HistoryDoesRhyme.com.


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