The Salida High School and Salida Middle School choirs sang in the holiday season at their Winter Concert Tuesday to a packed Salida High School auditorium.

Salida Middle School fifth- and sixth-grade students performed first with a program that included “Brand New” by David Hodges, Abe Stokloasa and Ben Rector, “Human” by Cristina Perri and Martin Johnson and “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and Jack Antonoff.

SMS music teacher Kate Oglesby told the audience the fifth- and sixth-grade choir was made up of students who chose to come and practice after school, rather than during a class.

Participating in the concert were Ruby Kaisner, Bailee Wilkins, Emma Adams, Alyxia Wilcox, Emily Cuicksa, Emma Hawkins, Teagen Mortenson, Ellie Covey, Paityn Smith and Giselle Sladin.

The seventh- and eighth-grade choir included Elena Castro Guzman, Brenna Chariton, June Dallas, Mikaela Elvin, Abigail Hodgson, Kaylee Johnson, Norah Kliewer, Adelaide Kriebel, Zachary Moore, Nora Paschall, Avery Reeder, Cadence Sewolt, Karsyn Thorpe and Chloe Vallier.

The group sang “Hope Is a Hidden Star” by Mark Patterson, “Seal Lullaby” by Eric Whitacre and arranged by Emily Crocker and ended with a rousing medley of tunes from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss, Albert Hague, Paul O’Neill, Robert Kinkle and Jon Oliva.

Between numbers students accepted to the All State Choir were announced. Brenna Chariton, Abagail Hodgson, Kaylee Johnson and Avery Reeder will have the opportunity to perform in Denver in January with a choir of lead choral students in Colorado.

Following the middle school performance, students presented Oglesby with a surprise bouquet of roses and a card.

The Salida High School choir performance, under the direction of SHS music teacher André Wilkins,  began with the Ukrainian folk tune “Carol of the Bells” in a darkened auditorium with singers standing along the walls and in front of the stage, which expanded the sound throughout the auditorium and emphasized the echoes within the piece.

The choir added percussion to their rendition of “African Noel,” an African folk song arranged by Dave and Jean Perry, with solos by Jessica Clinton, Rebecca Russell and Scarlett Campbell.

The “Glee” version of “Jingle Bell Rock” by Joe Beal and Jerry Booth was performed with choreography by Jessie Rollins and Tess Daracott.

SHS choir members are Alli Bradford, Scarlett Campbell, Jessica Clinton, Tess Darracott, Rahslin Dissmeyer, Olivia Elisha, Lexi Gage, Rebecca Russell, Emma Sexton, Athena Smith;  

Stella Veazey, Mackenzie Hall, Shannon Hall, Kaelin Martellaro, Nika Peterson, Bethany Quintana, Vander Ritchie, Jessie Rollins, Elsie Sanchez, Madalyn Short and Kaia Trevor.

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