Salida author Steve Chapman is releasing two books in his “Salida Sam” historical novel series. 

“I put the lockdown to good use,” Chapman said about releasing two new books in the same year. “My initial plan was only to unveil one this year, but the fan response has been so high and consistent that I thought for 2020, they deserved something positive and different.” 

Chapman created the ‘Salida Sam’ Hayes historical books in 2018 as part of a goal of documenting Salida’s weekly history from 1880 forward. 

The two new books in the series, Three Murdered Wives and Salida Burns Down, cover town history from 1884-1885 and 1886-1887. The latest volumes are also Chapman’s favorites.

“I thought the first two books were entertaining, but by 1884 Salida is a thriving community, and with growth comes drama. That makes for great stories.” 

Included in the new volumes is Salida’s serial killer’s horrific tale, a brutal man who murdered at least three wives, a devastating fire that destroyed most of downtown, and the arrival of electricity and multi-story buildings. “By 1887, Salida was one of the most modern towns in the west,” Chapman said.

Chapman will be signing all his books from 4-6 p.m. Nov. 14 at The Book Haven, 109 North F Street. 

There is no presentation this time, however. “With all that’s going on, we opted for a different approach that allows fans to interact and get books signed safely.”

As a bonus, anyone who shows up for the book signing will receive a unique URL for an advance sneak listen to Chapman’s newest project—a podcast called History Does Rhyme. 

“So many stories require more time than I can give on a walking tour or more investigation than fits the books series,” Chapman said. 

“The podcast is a perfect venue as there are no time limits, and each episode is available, free, anytime.” The podcasts will begin at the end of November at

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