“Wearing a mask during this health crisis helps everyone,” is the message Pam Judd hopes to project to the community in Salida.

To get that message across, Judd created the “Stay Safe! Salida COVID-19 Mask Project organizing a poster project that promotes masking with art.

Judd said she became frustrated when she noticed people not masking in the early months of the pandemic and she realized they were not aware that the mask was to protect those around the wearer.

Now, masking is being promoted as helpful for the wearer as well.

Judd said she felt like there was not enough education about what to expect with a mask.

Judd said she consulted with Chaffee County Public Health director Andrea Carlstrom who shared information about masking and its importance.

She decided to find a visual way to bring the masking message to the community.

She wanted something visual without a lot of text that promoted the image of a mask as part of culture.

Other community organizations like Salida Business Alliance and Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce and local businesses have also been supportive.

In Judd’s vision, posters featuring the work of local artists will be mounted on sandwich boards distributed around the city.

Ken Brandon, of Salida Arts Council found a local carpenter to build 10 sandwich boards, which will display two posters each and organized the printing of the posters.

Another partner in the project is local graphic artist Laura Barton.

Judd hopes to portray the mask as a symbol of care about the community and family.

“With Salida’s art community, it was a no-brainer to ask them to contribute,” Judd said.

Judd has put out a call to artists to submit poster designs for the project.

The deadline for submitting art is July 31, but some posters have already been placed and others will be placed “as we go.”

She said after the initial 20 spots, the current plan is to consider making other posters for businesses to display.

For more information and guidelines for submission visit courage4america.com or email info@ courage4america.com.

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