Miles of flags

 Miles of American flags placed along U.S. 285 make a patriotic statement. The project was started by the Shelby Davis family in 2020, and they were joined by the Chaffee County Patriots this year.

Motorists taking U.S. 285 between Poncha Springs and Buena Vista have been asking who is behind the American flag project.

Dennis Heap, president of Chaffee County Patriots, said the Shelby Davis family started it in 2020 and Chaffee County Patriots joined them in the Highway Flag Initiative in 2021.

Davis was inspired to show love of her country and those who have sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

“I’m not associated with any party or group,” Davis said. “We’re just Americans who care deeply about our country. I never wanted to be noticed. I just wanted other people to be inspired.”

She especially thanks the ranchers, family members and businesses that have helped with the project and said she appreciates the personal donations she has received.

She purchased flags herself in the beginning and then was joined by others who shared her interested in having people remember that we are Americans and have our freedom.

Heap said, “People that love America have been in awe, wept, joyous and filled with hope when they have driven on Highway 285 south of Nathrop and seen the miles and miles of American flags. Shelby Davis is putting up the flags from the Nathrop Post Office south toward Poncha Springs, and the Chaffee County Patriots are putting up flags from the Nathrop Post Office north toward Leadville and Fairplay.”

The Chaffee County Patriots are nonpartisan and welcome all like-minded individuals who love, support and believe in the ethics and moral principles by which our country was founded, Heap said.

“They love America and the flag,” he said.

Anyone interested in the group can email them at or P.O. Box 50, Buena Vista, CO 81211.

It takes about 50 flags placed 105 feet apart to cover a mile, and the cost for a mile of flags is roughly $2,000. American Patriots who care about the project donate money to pay for the materials which include flags, duct tape, PVC, hose clamps, zip ties, etc., and they donate 23.5 man-hours of work to assemble the flags, post them and then mount them.

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