Poncha Springs trustees approved the 2022 budget as presented by Town Administrative Officer Brian Berger at their meeting Monday.

Total expenditures for 2022 are projected to be $3,338,655.

The total amount breaks down to:

General fund $912,246

Enterprise fund $629,903

Conservation Trust Fund $3,500

Capital projects fund $1,828,655

Among items added to the draft budget were a public works truck, highway visual and safety improvements and $2,000 to pay for parade expenses in expectation that the Fourth of July and Veterans Day parades in 2021 will be continued in the new year.

Following a public hearing, trustees approved a site plan for a building planned for Crossroads Retail Park Lot 10, which will include two retail spaces and three dwelling spaces.

Trustees recently adopted a measure in the land use code requiring a broken roof line for aesthetic reasons. The plan presented by Mark Bourget called for a flat facade.

The plan was approved with the proviso that the roof line on the front facade be elevated to conform to the land use code.

Trustees approved as presented a preliminary plat for Tailwind II Phase 1.

There was some discussion about possible inclusion of a park in the new development.

A limit of 1,000 people for special events in the town of Poncha Springs was set along with adoption of the Poncha Springs event center policy.

The policy aims to better document public safety for events in the town, including security, emergency plans and traffic control plans.

Trustees approved final payment to Electric Power and Process and acceptance of the water infrastructure improvement project, the well No. 7 addition.

Trustees also voted to move their next regular meeting from Dec. 27 to Dec. 13.

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