Evelyn Gottschall Baker received the award “Highly Commended” for her kiln-formed glass sculpture “Balance” from The Glass Prize competition recently.

 It is currently on display at the Buena Vista Library along with other recent works.

The Glass Prize is run by Warm Glass UK each year to inspire creativity in kiln-formed glass and to encourage glass artists throughout the world to share their work and express their passion.

Gottschall’s focus has been on how humans impact nature, more recently. “Are we acting as caretakers for the benefit of all beings, or are our actions destroying habitat to the detriment of all,” she asked.

“Balance” explores the relationship between humans and coyotes.

“We tend to think of coyotes living in the vast open areas of the western United States,” she said. “As the population increases and cities expand into rural areas, coyotes have adapted so completely they are found living in urban areas even in the eastern United States.

“Is this really balance, is this coexistence sustainable,” she asked.

The fragility of glass, and the precarious position of the coyote skull balanced on a human hand symbolizes the fragile relationship we humans have on other earthly inhabitants, she wrote in a press release.  

The award-winning piece is made using two kiln formed techniques, lost wax casting and paté d verre (paste of glass).

Gottschall lives and works in Buena Vista. She teaches her techniques in workshops in various studios throughout the United States, Canada and Scotland.

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