Salida is now a hate-free zone where racism is condemned, according to a proclamation the city council passed at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

According to the draft of the proclamation the council approved, “recent national events have cast light upon the effect of systemic racism across the United States of America and the Salida City Council desires to denounce racism in all forms.”

It goes on to say, “Now, therefore, the Salida City Council does hereby proclaim and declare Salida, Colorado as a hate-free zone and condemns racism and any acts causing fear, intimidation, harassment, and harm motivated by bias or prejudice, and furthermore, declares and affirms a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of a person’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, marital status, military or veteran status, socio-economic class, medical condition or physical or mental disability.”

Council member Dan Shore worked with the Civility Coalition on the language and said there was urgency surrounding it.

Similar language will also appear in the civility invocation that is read at the beginning of council’s regular meetings.

In unfinished business, council passed a motion approving the development agreement for the Salida RV Resort. Under the agreement, the developer will pay $100,000 and the city will pay the remaining $50,000, which will extend concrete drying beds to replace the area that will be disturbed during construction. Glen Van Nimwegan said it would also make the wastewater treatment plant better.

The RV Resort also agreed to make 12.5 percent of its units affordable, which would equal about 20 spaces costing $338 per month for people employed in Chaffee County.

In new business, council unanimously passed a motion to establish an intergovernmental agreement for the Chaffee County Multijurisdictional Housing Authority. The county passed a similar motion Tuesday while Buena Vista and Poncha Springs will vote on the matter at their next meetings. The authority will become active once all of the partners approve the IGA.

Council also unanimously passed a motion accepting an agreement between the city and the Chaffee County Community Foundation to provide coronavirus relief funding to non-profit organizations.

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