Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center reported six hospitalizations for COVID-19 as of Wednesday.

That brings the total of hospitalizations for patients suffering from the virus to 12 for the month, with nine in the past 14 days.

November ties with December, July and October for most hospital stays for those with COVID-19 since the pandemic started. 

September saw the most hospitalizations with 14.

HRRMC reported that 72 percent of its capacity was filled as of Wednesday.

November has also seen a surge of cases within the county to the highest number in one month at 376 cases. 

Chaffee County Public Health reported 169 of those cases were detected in the last 14 days. No cases were added to the county’s dashboard Thursday due to the holiday.

Of the pandemic total of 2,243 cases, 219 or about 9.76 percent have been breakthrough cases among those who had previously been vaccinated. That number falls within predictions of efficacy made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Reinfections account for 14 cases or 0.62 percent of all cases in the county.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment stated, “Slowing the spread of COVID-19 will decrease the daily number of cases and hospitalizations that occur in Colorado. Preventing hospitalizations will help make sure our hospitals have the staff and equipment they need.”

Top of the list of tips for prevention from the state health department is getting vaccinated, followed by nonpharmaceutical protocols such as masking, distancing and staying home if sick.

The fully vaccinated rate for the state is currently 73.23 percent.

Chaffee County is listed as 13th in the state for full vaccinations at a rate of 75.8 percent for those ages 12 and older. Data including ages 5-11 have not yet been reported by the state.

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