Cain wins club championship

From left: Collegiate Peaks Ladies’ Golf League members Peg Johnson, Loretta Cain and Gwen Lawrence celebrate after winning their flights at the club championship. Cain won the championship flight. 


The Collegiate Peaks Ladies’ Golf League wrapped up its season Saturday with its club championship at the Buena Vista course. 

Loretta Cain won the championship flight at the tournament to win the title of Club Champion. Gwen Lawrence, meanwhile, won the first flight while Peg Johnson took first in the 9-hole flight. 

“Our tournament went very well,” said Janet Steiner. “The weather was nice, in spite of the smoke. We had 22 members, (but) some were away and a couple had injuries so 17 were available to play.”

The league played nine holes at the Collegiate Peaks Golf Course on Tuesday mornings during its season, and had to make several adjustments this year. 

“With COVID, all gathering had to remain outside (and) our usual lunch after league was curtailed,” Steiner said. “There were no rakes in the sandtraps so no one had to hit out of them. We just dropped out them and continued! That was good for a smile.”

The game itself also cooperated with social distancing guidelines. 

“Golf is sort of self-distancing,” Steiner said. “Our balls rarely land in the same vicinity. Some golfers wore masks during our meeting times and I felt that others were very respectful of the concerns.”

The season might have been different, but Collegiate Peaks Ladies’ League plans on commemorating it. 

“One member wanted the group to donate something to plant at the golf course; this would be designated as a spot of beauty in our strange 2020,” Steiner said. “The ladies approved the motion and donated money before they left. We received a nice amount and will research just what we can buy and work with Stan Hachmann at the course to decide where it would work best.”

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