School in Salida may look a little or a lot different in the coming school year, depending on different COVID-19 precaution levels deemed necessary.

Salida School District released a draft of the academic framework for the 2020-2021 school year Monday.

The framework outlines several scenarios for what programming might look like under different levels of COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

There are four levels in the plan ranging from mild or moderate precautions to full stay-at-home conditions.

Green: Olde school

We know how to do this, however, until a vaccine arrives, there will be some extra precautions.

The district is expecting most of the year in this mode and precautions would be in place including:

• Extra spacing wherever feasible.

• Facemasks (guidance forthcoming).

• Extra hand washing.

• Basic health checks for all.

Electives would be held with some limitations, all activities would be supported and random and limited COVID days would be programmed into the schedule.

Yellow: Halvsies

This would entail two cohorts of students taught at 50 percent capacity. Less than half the year is expected in this mode if necessary.

The model would alternate two in-person learning days with two distance learning days between the two cohorts.

Family groups would remain in the same cohorts/schedules.

Where feasible, teachers would move and students would stay put.

Electives would be included with significant limitations.

Students with special education and other specialized needs would all be in one cohort.

Shared spaces would be used with distancing strategies.

Some activities would be supported, but not all.

Masking would be required for all, full health checks would be required and physical distancing strategies would be increased.

Random COVID days would be required to investigate individual cases as they develop.

Orange: Crisis mode

This would be a three week cycle of three student cohorts with a 9 to 1 student teacher ratio.

This might potentially happen once during the school year.

The schedule for students would be one week in person, one week distance and one week break.

This mode is still in the planning stages, however, steps could include:

• Use of COVID days in June.

• Modules of curriculum used.

• Teachers and students would stay together within their cohort and teaching teams would be reassigned duties.

• No electives – core classes only. This could trigger furloughs.

• No activities.

• At risk students wold be given priority programming (early childhood, kindergarten-second grade, special education and at risk students).

• No shared spaces.

• Six feet spacing would be required and masks would be required for all.

The goal under crisis mode would be to return to yellow level via community-wide restrictions.

Red: Stay at home

The district does not expect this level, however, under stay at home, schooling would look like April and May and would be a temporary crisis.

Staff would be reassigned and furloughs and layoffs would be possible.

As the district contemplates steps for the coming school year, there is also an effort to make technology available to all students in the event remote learning is necessary by purchasing new devices to be checked out to students and ensure there is a 1 to 1 ratio of students and technology.

The district has also applied to the Colorado Department of Education to start a new online school by local teachers for local families. That application has yet to be approved.

The complete draft of the  academic framework plan is available on the district’s web page: Click on the “reopening plan” link.

The district is asking for input from the community and families through the “Return to School Planning Survey, also available on the district’s web page. Feedback will be collected through July 13.

The Salida School Board will meet at 6 p.m. July 14 and may discuss the plan at that time.

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