Poncha Springs Board of Trustees approved the annexation of a 54.25 acre parcel owned by Paul Moltz.

The parcel is located east of Tailwind Village Subdivision, south of U.S. 50 and north of Little River Ranch.

After much discussion during their regular meeting Monday, the trustees voted unanimously to accept findings of fact regarding the proposed annexation, approve the annexation and approve a zoning map amendment for the property.

Trustee J.D. Longwell recused himself from all three votes.

The property is slated to be developed by Tailwind Group, LLC with residential and commercial use.

The board also heard a presentation by Becky Gray, Chaffee County Director of Housing and Dean Edwards, Town of Poncha Springs steering committee representative, on a proposed Multi-jurisdictional Housing Authority (MJHA) which would take the place of the Chaffee County Housing Office.

The multi-jurisdictional body would include two members from each municipality and three members representing the county plus one alternate per jurisdiction.

A multi-jurisdictional housing authority would be able to legally pursue more funding and take more steps toward creating housing than a county housing office is able to do. Decisions would be made by consensus.

Gray’s presentation stated the population focus for the housing authority would be the Chaffee County workforce; very low income, low income and moderate income residents within the county’s political boundaries, including the geography within the towns of Buena Vista, Poncha Springs and Salida.

The tentative agreement for the authority includes a proposed budget of $185,480. Funding would be split up by jurisdiction with the county committing the first $112,500 and never to exceed 75 percent of total funding.

The proposed financial commitment for all municipalities would be:

Chaffee County$139,110

Buena Vista$13,749

Poncha Springs$4,551 


The next step in the process  would be the approval of an intergovernmental agreement.

The Poncha Springs Board of trustees decided to table the decision so they could fully digest the proposed IGA and requested Gray provide an analysis on how MJHAs have worked in other areas; as well as, provide a copy of the Housing Office’s Strategic Plan for their review prior to making a decision, Town administrator Brian Berger said.

In other business the trustees:

• Approved a waiver to allow for RV camping at Chaffee County Fairgrounds for the Exit Tours Off Road Motorcycle Rally scheduled event in August, with the condition a letter is provided by Chaffee County Public Health stating that re-opening guidelines are being met for the event.  

The town of Poncha Springs will work on drafting an event policy to have in place for future events.

• Approved Jim Baker, Chuck Simmons, Patrick Raftery, and Rick Barrowman to represent Poncha Springs on the Chaffee County Planning and Zoning Commission.

• Discussed a request for 10712 Engelmann Ave. for garage access from Poncha Creek Street rather than a rear alley.

• Reviewed a Land Use Application for improvements to Town ROW for the alley north of Ouray Avenue, between U.S. 285 and Antero Street.

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