A judge is allowing a Cotopaxi man who is accused of threatening to kidnap a federal judge in Wichita, Kansas to be released on a bond after being in custody since April.

A judge in that city ruled last week that Danny Lee Barker did not have to post bail for the bond. The prosecutor opposed granting a bond.

Barker and his wife are charged in the U.S. District Court for Kansas with allegedly mailing threatening communications three times last year.

In a court document filed last week, the prosecutor briefly disclosed specifics of what the couple allegedly did.

“Highly summarized, the charges involve a series of threats to arrest (kidnap) former United States Bankruptcy Judge Robert Nugent, sent to the court during bankruptcy proceedings to prevent foreclosure and sale of various property at issue in the bankruptcy proceedings,” the prosecutor wrote.

The indictment does not provide any information about the Barkers’ connection to Kansas.

Court records show that wife Valerie Ann Barker remains in custody.

The Mountain Mail reported on June 4 the records show that at a hearing on May 19 she “refuses to participate meaningfully” in the hearing and “proclaimed her refusal to attend any further court sessions.”

A hand-written document submitted in May to the court with both names of the couple at the bottom stated,” We are not United States CITIZENS or RESIDENTS, we are sovereign . . . The United States . . . has no authority over (us).”  

In last week’s hearing for Danny Barker, the judge ordered him not to leave Kansas without permission of a court official. That is a standard provision of terms of bonds in federal court.

The record states: “No violations of bond will be tolerated.”

A trial date in August has been set for them

Deputies of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by Custer County deputies, arrested the couple in April during a car stop. The arrest was made for the FBI and was based on the indictment.

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