Chaffee County commissioners voted Tuesday to continue until Aug. 10 a discussion of the land use code text amendment and correction to table 7.7.2 for the Salida Airport overlay district.

Commissioners Greg Felt and Rusty Granzella were present. Commissioner Keith Baker was attending the National Association of Counties Conference in Maryland.

The commissioners said they wanted to give adjacent landowners time to confer with county staff on details of the new section that is proposed to replace the current wording.

Commissioners also approved acceptance of a letter on the subject from Dave Brown, which was received after the deadline.

In the interim, Chaffee County Planning Manager Jon Roorda will share the presentation and landowners’ comments with Baker prior to the Aug. 10 meeting.

Meeting as the Chaffee County Board of Equalization, commissioners heard an assessed value report for 2020 by Deputy County Assessor Rick Roberts.

Roberts said the actual value of property in Chaffee County increased from $4.9 billion in December 2020 to $6.16 billion in July.

Assessed value in July was $136,702,000.

Roberts also presented personal property non-files, real and personal property protests and valuation of real property.

Reconvening as the Board of County Commissioners, they approved a request by Charles and Tonda Haygood, represented by Mike Henderson, for an amendment to the building envelope for Lot 4B-A at 11033 River’s Edge Lane, Salida, to increase the buildable area on the lot, following a public hearing. Staff was directed to prepare a resolution to that effect to be considered at the Aug. 3 meeting.

Another public hearing on the Broadview Rural Open Space Incentive subdivision also resulted in approval by the commissioners.

The request, made by Derek and Jessica Rapp, represented by Mike Henderson, was to amend Lot 3B and 3OS at 21284 Broadview Road in the Broadview ROSI subdivision to shift the buildable area to the east.

Staff was directed to prepare a resolution to be considered at the Aug. 3 meeting.

Jake Rishavy, executive director of Chaffee County Economic Development Corp., was appointed by the commissioners to represent Wendell Pryor, who recently retired, on the Southern Economic Development District board of directors. 

In other business commissioners approved: 

• A fermented malt beverage license for a transfer of ownership of JV Food Shop, 12900 U.S. 24/285 in Buena Vista.

• A special event liquor license for the High Lonesome 100 trail running event to be held July 31.

• A renewal of a hotel and restaurant license for Robin’s, 8046 U.S. 50.

• A resolution to update the Chaffee County investment policy for certificates of participation.

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