Lindsey Scot Ernst

Local jewelry artist Lindsey Scot Ernst shows her work at the Metal & Smith event Feb. 3-4 at New York Fashion Week. Ernst won Best in Show accolades for her pieces at the event.

Local artist Lindsey Scot Ernst recently was honored with Best in Show at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter for her fine art jewelry.

Ernst was invited to show her fine art jewelry at the exclusive Metal & Smith event that kicked off the early February event.

Organizers of the show found Ernst’s jewelry on Instagram and approached her about displaying her work.

The show featured 40 international independent jewelers across a variety of price points, allowing them to show their work to stores, influencers, fashion stylists, galleries and the public, a press release stated.

The first day of the event was open only to fashion industry professionals, with the second day open to the public.

Her Best of Show win was announced by Metal & Smith on Instagram: “We would like to congratulate you on winning BEST IN SHOW during the Winter Edit. You not only presented a collection that is unique, modern and organically luxe – you also managed to marry your point of view to your table design giving passersby the chance to enter the LSE brand and world. It was an honor to have you and your beautiful family.”

Ernst made the trip to New York with her family.

Her parents, who own Planet Hair, a progressive hair salon in Wichita, Kansas, influenced and encouraged her to pursue her own creative endeavors, the release stated.

“Fashion has been a big part of my life. I started modeling in runway shows for my parents when I was 7 years old,” Ernst said. “One of my big dreams has been to show my work in New York, and it’s even better to be part of Fashion Week.”

Ernst’s studio is in Salida, where she lives with her husband and toddler daughter.

As an artist, she’s studied ceramics, fashion design, photography and graphic design.

She found her niche in metalsmithing and sculpture, earning a fine arts degree at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

She said she has been working in jewelry for about seven years and has worked on her own for about five years.

Ernst said she took a collection of 30 pieces to the Metal & Smith event.

She works in recycled metals, sterling silver and 14- and 18-karat gold and uses gemstones that are conscientiously sourced. She hand picks the stones she uses. The favored gemstone for this collection was multicolored tourmaline.

Ernst said her design esthetic is mostly architectural and organic.

She is influenced by pagodas and temples from around the world, but she said her process is organic. She does not start out with a sketch but allows the piece to emerge as she works.

Ernst’s work is shown locally at Howl, 130 W. First St., and is also available at

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