by Brian McCabe

Mail News Editor

Chaffee County is gathering input from the public for its comprehensive plan through the website

The website is part of the program put together by CTA Architects, Engineers and Planners of Denver. Wayne Freeman is the point man for CTA’s program.

Freeman described the website as “an open forum” and a “living, breathing document” for gathering information about what residents are looking for in the comprehensive plan, the document the county uses for future planning.

Besides gathering information through the website, CTA is also hosting a series of meetings throughout the county.

A meeting is scheduled from 6-7:30 p.m. Aug. 28 at Salida SteamPlant, 220 W. Sackett Ave., to talk about the comprehensive plan and share information that has been gathered so far.

“It will be an open house meeting to gather information and take the opportunity to get feedback from the community,” Freeman said. “We will show the information we have gathered so far and what people agree and disagree about.”

The county last updated its comprehensive plan in 2000, and Freeman said issues like “increase in recreation” have impacted the growth of the county.

“The Front Range sees Chaffee County as a playground,” Freeman said, “and that affects the day-to-day life of its residents.”

He also listed water, wildfires, climate change, transportation, housing, infrastructure and growth as issues the comprehensive plan will need to address.

“This is a year-long effort, and it’s geared toward public feedback,” Freeman said. “There is no single silver bullet to fix problems. We are here to help the county move toward strategies to help solve problems.”

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