Through the platform, people can interact with the City of Salida’s proposed 2021 budget in ways not possible before. 

The city’s finance department unveiled the draft of the proposed  budget online, available at, to the council during its work session Monday. 

Opengov allows people to look at the big picture of the budget, but also click on items to get more detailed information. 

The proposed budget expenses in the general fund, for instance, is $9,375,610. Personnel accounts for $5,925,054, which can then be broken down into salaries and wages ($4,268,854), health insurance ($809,458) and seven other sub categories. 

“It helps make sense of the budget,” Mayor P.T. Wood said. “For a guy like me, it was pretty useful.”

Council will continue discussing the 2021 budget at its next couple of work sessions with a plan to finalize it at the Oct. 20 meeting. 

Colorado Mountain College also gave a report on how its first semester in Salida is going at the work session. 

Rachel Pokrandt, vice president and campus dean of CMC Leadville and Chaffee County, said 116 students enrolled in Salida this semester and are taking a combined 542 total credits. The enrollment includes 67 students with concurrent enrollment, like high school students who are also studying at CMC.

Pokrandt also said 16 students are enrolled in business internship classes while the staff in Salida now has seven members.

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