Christmas comes once a year. But what happens when kids, adults and families need help at other times?

Chaffee Cares and Baba’s Magical Christmas can help address needs beyond the holiday season.

“The two organizations work together and strive to fill the gaps when other public programs are limited or can’t help,” said Shannon Nelson, who works with both.

The two organizations are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and donations can be accepted at the website at

Applications for help are accepted from professionals in the community such as school nurses, Chaffee County employees and other third party professionals who have a feel for what’s going on in the community and have knowledge of other programs.

“Chaffee Cares is about the rest of the year,” Nelson explained. “We can help with food, glasses, dental work and we even sent some kids to camp.  

“We’re open to all kinds or requests where other programs can’t meet the needs, especially this year with COVID-19 when the need is huge.”

Chaffee Cares and Baba’s Magical Christmas have no overhead. 

Expenses are covered by donations and by board members. This year Baba’s Magical Christmas, in approximately its 12th year, served 80 children. 

Volunteers set up giving trees in town, adopted kids to shop for, wrapped and distributed gifts to families.

“We plan to do it again next year,” Nelson said, “and in between we have Chaffee Cares when people need assistance.” 

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