Chaffee County Board of Commissioners approved a temporary moratorium on the acceptance and scheduling of any land use application for vacating the rights-of-way in the townsite of Nathrop for 180 days.

The action came during the commissioner’s regular meeting Tuesday morning.

Planning manager Jon Roorda said of all of the townsites in the county, Nathrop is the most “developable,” and therefore some caution was advisable before making decisions of rights-of-way and county roads.

The commissioners decided to temporarily suspend the right-of-way requests until Planning and Zoning has had a chance to study the area.

Requests from Joplin Properties, LLC and Habitat for Humanity for road and alley vacations in Nathrop were approved by the commissioners  because the requests were already on the agenda.

The commissioners approved a request from Pure Greens to reduce the setbacks from the property line of a marijuana optional premises cultivation center on the recommendation of planning and zoning.

A renewal of the medical marijuana premises cultivation license for PG Grow II at 7800 CR 152, within the townsite of Kortz (Smeltertown) in the industrial zone was also approved by the commissioners.

A discussion and finalization on the 30-day flow recommendation for Recreational In Channel Diversions was tabled until April 20 to get a better sense of what spring run-off might look like.

In other business commissioners:

• Approved an intergovernmental agreement between the Colorado Department of Transportation and Chaffee County for deer fence/guard maintenance.

• Opened bids for seven county vehicles to be sold.

• Opened and approved a proposal for Scanga Ranch, LLC to rent 75 acres at Chaffee County Fairgrounds for hay production for a year at $3,025.

• Approved the 2021 Chaffee County operating plan pursuant to the Colorado State Wildland Management Operating Plan.

• Adopted a proclamation honoring National County Government month in Chaffee County.

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