Salida author Susan Tweit will honor the life and art of her late husband, Richard Cabe, by establishing the Richard Cabe Artist/Writer Residency Program in partnership with Colorado Art Ranch.

Tweit said she is working with Art Ranch officials to convert an office in Cabe's Salida sculpture studio into Art Ranch headquarters, which will solidify Salida's standing as a Colorado arts community.

Grant Pound, Art Ranch executive director, visited Salida recently to organize remodeling efforts in the 1902 building that originally housed a millwork shop.

Pound said the rest of the building will serve as a multiple-media studio for artists participating in residency programs.

Through the Richard Cabe Residency, writers and artists will be able to apply for a week to a month of uninterrupted time in Salida, living in Tweit's guest cottage and working in Cabe's studio, Pound said.

Residents will be selected for the program based upon their interest in projects that reflect Cabe's interest in rekindling what he called "Terraphilia," Tweit said.

She said she and Cabe coined the word to denote "an intrinsic affection for and connection to the Earth and its community of lives."

Without this connection, Cabe believed, "we are lonely, lacking, no longer whole."

Pound said Tweit and Cabe's connection to Colorado Art Ranch dates to 2007 when Salida hosted the first Art Ranch artposium - "A River Runs Through Us."

"We loved the concept," Tweit said, "of bringing together different disciplines over an issue."

Tweit said Cabe, Jack Chivvis and B Strawn led a workshop about gifts from the river - water-worn rock, wood and other objects.

Tweit wrote a short essay, "River as Muse," about the first artposium, describing how the three local artists taught that these objects can be "shaped into insights into who we are and what we believe."

Tweit's essay also describes Ed Quillen's talk about how Salida shaped the river, and Christo and Jeanne Claude's "vision of a way to use art to remind us of what it is that we love about the landscape we often take for granted."

Salida hosted additional artposia in 2010 and 2011, more than any other community, largely because of the efforts of Artworks members, who Pound praised as "one of the better art groups in the state."

Pound said the artposia coincide with residency programs like the one Tweit has established in Cabe's name.

Artists participating in any of the 13 Art Ranch residency programs must provide a talk, presentation, seminar or some other service as a way of giving back to the local community, Pound said.

He said each art resident gets an "art buddy" from the local community - a local artist or writer who can help residents learn their way around town and with whom residents can share ideas about art.

"The residencies are something we believe in because artists need time and space for their creativity to blossom," Pound said.

"The toughest thing is to find space, and renting space gets expensive," he added, acknowledging Tweit's generosity and the importance of the new residency, which should host its first artist in early May.

Pound said the residency will be for a single person or couple at a time, noting that previous Art Ranch residents have come from throughout the United States as well as places like Ireland, Scotland, Korea and Turkey.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the Richard Cabe Residency Program may do so at

"We hope contributions to the fund will help Richard's ending inspire many beginnings," Tweit said.

Colorado Art Ranch is founded on "the belief that the arts are an agent for change" and promotes conversations about "how art and science intersect with land and social issues."

More information is at

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Ted Morton

Good on ya' Susan! I've followed your writing for years, pained when it became apprent that Richard couldn't survive his affliction, and dearly love the goofy little town of Salida as if it were my parent. This generous thing that you have done is what I'd expect of you or, for that matter, many of my extraordinary Salida friends. It's not what is expected in the world at large, and that's why you, Richard and our beloved town are so precious.


Ted Morton


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