Local author donates books to Regional Library, Salida Museum

Salida Museum Board met Thursday for a virtual book presentation from local author, Wallace K. Ewing, Ph.D. “Uncommon People of Salida” is about the remarkable people who made Salida what it is today. A copy was also presented to Salida Regional Library and is available for purchase at The Book Haven and at the museum by appointment since the museum is closed because of COVID-19 restrictions. From left are Earle Kittleman, Judith Kinzie, Bonnie  Konopka and Larry Kovacic.


Just about everything has gone virtual these days and Thursday’s book presentation at the Salida Museum and Salida Regional Library were no exception.

Salida author Wallace K. Ewing, and his wife, Jane are spending the winter at their other residence in Grand Haven, Michigan due to the COVID-19 pandemic but he has donated copies of his book, “Uncommon People, Salida, Colorado, Their Lives, Their History, Their Town” to the Salida Museum and the Salida Regional Library.

The book is also available for purchase at The Book Haven where it joins other works by local authors, and at the Salida Museum by appointment since the museum has been closed since March because of COVID-19. 

Books can be purchased at the museum by calling 719-539-7483 and leaving a message. Cost is $35.

The book contains about 500 entries detailing the lives of deceased citizens of Salida and their contributions to our city.

“It is appropriate that I am donating a copy of “Uncommon People of Salida” to the museum and the library,” Ewing said. “The book belongs in those places, where I found so much information about the people from the past and where it will be available to historians and genealogists. I wrote the book as a reminder of the uncommon people who made this city what it is today and for the remarkable people who are making history today.

“History has an uncanny talent of reaching us in places we didn’t know needed to be reached. The lives of the individuals whose stories are the substance of this book stirred my soul, and I believe they will stir the hearts of others. The uncommon people of the past illuminate the paths we are following today. Those journeys will be the stories of tomorrow’s uncommon people.”

Forward to the book is by Salida author and historian, Arlene Shovald.  

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