Niki Stotler

Niki Stotler

High Country Bank announced this week that Niki Stotler, vice president of mortgage loans, has been promoted to the company’s chief operating officer/Salida market president.

The new position was created to assist with growth in the community and to bring a level of professionalism and familiarity that the community counts on, a press release stated. 

Stotler will work alongside interim High Country Bank President Michael Matthews.

She is a graduate of University of Northern Iowa and the Colorado School of Banking in 2016.

“I grew up in Iowa and started coming to Salida during the summer when I was in college,” Stotler said. “I worked for Dvorak Expeditions back then.”

She moved to Salida full time in 2001 when she joined High Country Bank as a mortgage loan processor. 

Stotler is married to Danny Stotler of Stotler and Young PC, and they are the parents of two daughters, Nola, 11, and Rilynn, 9.

She and Danny met when they were both working at the bank.

In 2007 she was named vice president of mortgage loans, a role in which she has led a team of 25 mortgage specialists. 

Stotler has served on a number of boards in the community, most recently as the non-Realtor representative for Realtors of Central Colorado. She’s also served on the FIBArk board, chamber of commerce and done other volunteer work.

“Things have become pretty hectic as time went on, so I’ve had to let some of that go now,” Stotler said.

She said she is excited about her promotion to chief operating officer/Salida market president.

“This offers a lot of opportunity and it’s been an exciting process to have been here for 20 years and be part of the change and structure,” she said. “I’m looking forward to growth and expansion. It will be good.”   

The bank’s business groups reporting to Stotler include mortgage, commercial loan, operations and e-banking. As Salida market president, she will continue to lead the bank’s corporate giving, community involvement and philanthropy.

High Country Bank board member Rich Edgington said, “I am very grateful for Niki’s 20-plus years of service at High Country Bank and am excited for Niki, the bank and the board of directors as she takes on new leadership and responsibility as the Salida market president/COO.”

High Country Bank is a locally owned and operated community bank that has served the Arkansas Valley for nearly 130 years. It has locations in Buena Vista, Salida, Cañon City and Longmont.

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