Eleventh Judicial District Chief Judge Patrick Murphy ordered Barry Morphew to travel to Poncha Springs each day so that data from his court-ordered GPS tracker can download to the Intervention Inc. GPS monitoring system.

Morphew has been living near Maysville, where cellular service is not sufficient to transmit continuously.

He was released on a $500,000 cash bond Sept. 20, as he awaits trial on charges which include first degree murder.

Morphew’s attorney, Iris Eytan, told the court Morphew has ordered a cellular signal booster which should alleviate the problem, but Murphy ordered the daily trip to Poncha Springs until that can be determined.

Murphy also ordered that Morphew not be on the road near his residence the day of Oct. 19.

Morphew is under a protection order in regards to neighbors who will be installing a gate at their property that day.

Morphew will need to make his trip to Poncha Springs after dark that day.

Murphy also added a condition of bond that Morphew not be on the property at 19057 Puma Path, his former residence.

Murphy said the current owners of the property do not want him there and he has no reason to be there.

A recent incident involving a package addressed to Morphew that was delivered to his former residence is the subject of a misdemeanor trespassing charge for an acquaintance of Morphew, Shoshona Darke.

A request for the return of Morphew’s driver’s license and pickup truck was granted.

Murphy and attorneys for the prosecution and defense then worked on setting dates for motions, filings and other case management issues in preparation for the scheduled month-long trial which will begin May 3.

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