While former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff won the Colorado Democratic Party caucus preference poll with a collective 8,629 votes, former Gov. John Hickenlooper led in the Chaffee County caucus.

According to ColoradoCaucus.com, as of Monday, 15,692 votes were cast statewide in the Saturday caucus.

Statewide, Hickenlooper received 4,761 votes, Trish Zornio received 976 votes, Stephany Rose Spaulding received 771 votes, and Erik Underwood received 35 votes. Another 520 votes were uncommitted.

In Chaffee County, Hickenlooper received 52 raw votes and 10 delegates, Romanoff received 46 votes and eight delegates, Spaulding received 16 votes and three delegates, and Zornio received two raw votes and one delegate.

For the county, a total of 116 raw votes were cast with 22 delegates available. Hickenlooper received 45.45 percent of the county delegates, Romanoff received 36.36 percent, Spaulding received 13.63 percent, and Zornio received 4.55 percent. Underwood received zero votes and delegates in the county.

Bill Baker, Chaffee County Democrats co-vice chair, said despite previous county Democratic caucuses having 400 collective votes, he was happy with this year’s turnout. He said the reduced numbers could have been attributed to the caucus being restricted to a single location as well as general confusion attached to the caucus process.

He said he was satisfied that their team made Chaffee County one of the first counties to turn in their results to the state.

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