Notice is hereby given pursuant to anyone or more Decrees in Case No. 92CW84, 94CW5, 94CW41, 94CW42, 96CW17, 03CW55 and 06CW32 Division 2, Water Court that during the month of October 2021 the following parties applied for augmentation through the office of Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District (UAWCD).

Name  David D. Huston, Kristin E. Huston

Address  15499 Buffalo Meadows, Buena Vista, CO 81211

Chaffee County  S6, T14S, R78W, 6th PM

Type  Well

Qty. of Water  .100-af

The applications are available for review in the office of UAWCD, 339 E. Hwy 50, Salida, Colorado during normal business hours.  Any affected person may file comments with the State Engineer within sixty days of the date of publication of such monthly notice.  Any affected person not satisfied by the State Engineer's application of the terms and conditions established for this plan for augmentation to a specific structure, may then apply to the Water Court for a de novo hearing, under the Court's retained jurisdiction, whether the terms and conditions of the decree approving the plan for augmentation have been met with respect to the request for an authorized diversion included within that application to the State Engineer.  Such de novo hearing shall be pursuant to Water Right Determination and Administration Act of 1969.  Authorized diversions located within the augmentation plan areas included in the plan for augmentation, by either an uncontested approval by the State Engineer or Order of the Court, shall be part of the decreed plan for augmentation.

Published in The Mountain Mail October 8, 2021

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