The Chaffee County Board of Commissioners is accepting letters of interest from persons desiring to serve on the Chaffee County Common Ground Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) established by the 2018 County Sales Tax Ballot Issue 1A.

The CAC shall consist of seven members who are full-time residents in Chaffee County.  At least one member shall be chosen from each of the Commissioner Districts with the remaining four members “at large”.  The members shall be selected and approved by the BoCC, based on diverse and relevant background/skill sets a further outlined below.  Members should not be affiliated with an organization applying for funding with the County although the CAC may appoint Subject Matter Experts from applicable agencies.  Four positions are to be filled at this time.

General Duties: Develop and manage a program of grants and partnerships that fulfill the following programs:

• “Strengthening forest health” may include without limitation planning and execution of treatment activities enhancing forest health and community fire resilience, such as thinning and wetlands/riparian enhancement (including through grants and partnerships).

• “Conserving and supporting working ranches and farms and rural landscapes” may include without limitations planning and programs (including through grants and partnerships) designed to strengthen agricultural operations, conservation easements, land acquisition and other tools developed in partnership with the agricultural community to enhance economic viability and long-term longevity of working agricultural lands.

• “Managing the impacts of growth” may include without limitation project planning and project execution (including through grants and partnerships) to protect the watershed health from negative impacts resulting from outdoor recreation use, such as hardening recreation assets, restoring impacted areas, managing waste (human waste, trash), decreasing erosion and sediment generation, educating users and land acquisition (including easements) to disperse use and impacts.

Specific Duties: In development of the program elements the following are to be done:

• Solicit members from three Subject Matter Expert Boards (SMEB) for each of the three program areas listed above.

• Appoint citizen members to the SMEBs to work with the ex-officio members.

• Coordinate and facilitate the SMEBs in their work to develop criteria for grants and partnerships.

• Recommend to the BoCC possible partnerships with any organization to advance any of the funding areas listed above for planning or specific projects.

• Develop a grant application process, evaluation criteria and grant cycles subject to approval of the BoCC.

• Make grant recommendations to the BoCC for their approval.

• Meet periodically with the BoCC to provide them an update on progress and get guidance from the BoCC on their priorities for the program areas.

Revenues received from the 20181A Sales Tax: will be allocated into the following funds:

• At least 25% towards Strengthening Forest Health

• At least 25% towards Conserving and supporting working ranches and farms and rural landscapes.

• At least 5% Managing the impacts of recreation growth.

The CAC shall recommend to the BoCC allocation of the remaining 45% to any of the above three program areas.

Citizens Advisory Committee Membership Requirements as follows:

• Members must commit to monthly and additional meetings and 15 to 20 hours per month of working time (to develop grant rating criteria, rank grants, engage SMEBs, etc.).

• Members must be full-time residents in Chaffee County.

• Members must have demonstrated ability to work as a team

• Members must have demonstrated appreciation and understanding of broader program goals and ecosystem approach.

• Members may not be staff of non-profit organizations or government agencies intending to apply for funding.

• Members must be acknowledged as outstanding, positive community members.

• Members shall provide appropriate geographic representation of the County.

• Members shall include representative with the following experience:

• At least one member with background and experience in forest management and/or silviculture.

• At least one member actively involved in agricultural production in Chaffee County.

• At least one member with background and experience in outdoor recreation/ conservation.

• At least one member with proven skills in leadership and program management.

• Preferential consideration should also be given to additional members that provide:

- Experience with conservation tools (Conservation Easements, fee acquisition, conservation planning)

- Background and experience in wildfire and natural resources management (e.g. soils, water quality).

- Experience in local business ownership, education, land use and community development.

Terms: The initial appointments will be a 3-year term.

Community Planning and Engagement: Planning processes to support program success are underway, including:

• Community Wildfire Protection Plan,

• Envision Recreation in Balance Program, and

• Programs to keep working lands working, including: Community Conservation Exchange and Working Lands Helping Hands Programs

Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 19, 2021 in the Commissioner’s Office located in the Courthouse at 104 Crestone Avenue, or mailed to P.O. Box 699, Salida, CO. 81201 or e-mailed to  For further information please call (719) 539-2218 Ext 0.

Published in The Mountain Mail November 5, 9, 12 and 16, 2021

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