The COVID-19 team at Chaffee County Public Health recently changed its process of exposure notification for COVID-19 test results. 

The change is due to the increase in demand for services related to COVID-19 and the realization that there is currently not enough capacity to address the increased need. 

Public health will continue to contact all positive cases and execute the contact tracing process for individuals who have tested positive. 

However, at this time, public health cannot guarantee that it will be able to contact individuals with negative results.

The COVID-19 tests provided by public health are available and free for all residents. Currently, the tests are a mouth swab with results coming back within 48-72 hours. 

Recipients of tests administered by public health need to keep an eye out for the text notification that is automatically available through an outside testing company. A text will alert a person if testing positive or negative.  

For those who do not have a texting plan, they will need to alert public health at the time of appointment scheduling. 

If test recipients have not received a call or text after the 72-hour time frame, they will need to send an inquiry to At that point in time, public health will make contact within one business day.

In addition to taking note of this recent change, all Chaffee County residents are asked to be mindful of the following:

• Isolate if you are symptomatic.

• If you have been exposed to someone who tested positive, quarantine even if you are not having symptoms.  

• The 14-day quarantine period begins at the time of your last exposure and must be completed regardless of your test results.

• A negative test does not release someone who is already in quarantine.

For questions about the new changes regarding public health’s exposure notification process, send an email to

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