Three new cases of COVID-19 were recently identified by Chaffee County Public Health, including an asymptomatic 22-year-old male living in the southern end of the county and two cases in the northern end, a 72-year-old symptomatic male and a 24-year-old symptomatic female. All three cases were reported to be recuperating at home.

The new cases, identified Tuesday and Wednesday, bring Chaffee County’s total number of COVID-19 cases since March to 311.

The majority of the total number of cases recorded for the county stem from outbreaks at Columbine Manor Care Center in the spring and Buena Vista Correctional Complex, starting in July.

The Columbine Manor outbreak affected 44 residents and 12 staff members. Most of the 14 county deaths directly attributable to the virus were resident cases.

All of the cases related to Columbine Manor have been resolved.

The Buena Vista Correctional Complex outbreak has seen 197 inmates and 12 staff members stricken with the virus. 

The facility’s inmate population was 1067 for July with a staff compliment of 334.

Colorado Department of Corrections data shows 190 of those inmates affected have recovered. 

Staff members testing positive for the virus have mostly been released from isolation as well.

DOC put isolation precautions in place at the facility to limit contact and control the spread of the virus during the height of the outbreak.

In the county’s general community 46 cases of COVID-19 have been identified since testing started in March. Total number of community members, including staff related to both outbreaks, is 70.

According to CCPH data dashboard graphs, of those 70 cases, 65.5 percent have been released from isolation and are not considered to be capable of spreading COVID-19 to the community.

Type of spread breaks down to 59.4 percent person-to person, 20.3 percent travel outside the county, and 20.3 percent community spread.

More community cases have been identified in the south end of the county with 62.1 percent of cases, while the north end has had 37.9 percent of cases.

Positive cases of COVID-19 in males outnumber those in females almost 3-1.

About 84 percent of community cases have been symptomatic versus asymptomatic.

Only 4.6 percent of positive cases in the county have needed hospitalization.

At Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, 107 employees have been tested since March. Only 4 employees have tested positive for the virus, none of whom were in direct contact with patients at the time.

To access the CCPH data dashboard visit

For updates on COVID-19 in Chaffee County, visit or COVID-19 Chaffee County Facebook page.

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