Three new community cases of COVID-19, four new Buena Vista Correctional Complex staff cases and an additional 50 positive cases among BVCC inmates brings the county’s total to 282 cases of COVID-19 reported so far in the county.

The three new community cases identified since Thursday include a 24-year-old male, a 75 year-old male and a 34-year-old male.

The 24- and 34-year-olds’ cases are under investigation. The 75-year-old is experiencing mild symptoms and is recuperating at home.

The correctional facility is currently experiencing an outbreak of the virus among its inmate population and staff.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reports a total of 44,565 positive cases of COVID-19 to date with 1,668 deaths due to the virus. 

To date there have been 457 outbreaks in residential and commercial facilities throughout the state.

Data from surrounding counties includes:

County     Cases   Deaths

Fremont    91       0

Gunnison  220      6

Lake         61       0

Park          40       1

Pitkin        151      2

Saguache  107      2

CCPH reported new isolation guidelines for those testing positive for COVID-19.

Accumulating evidence supports ending isolation and precautions for persons with COVID-19 using a symptom-based strategy. 

This update incorporates recent evidence to inform the duration of isolation and precautions recommended to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to others, while limiting unnecessary prolonged isolation and unnecessary use of laboratory testing resources a press release stated.  

Current guidelines to end isolation for mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 are:  

• At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and

• At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and

• Symptoms have improved

CCPH stated is not recommended to wait for a negative COVID-19 test to end isolation or return to work.  Studies show that some people can test positive for up to 12 weeks post infection.

COVID-19 patients who were critically ill or immunocompromised may shed “replication-competent” virus for up to 20 days after symptom onset, and physicians and public health officials may need to consider a longer period of isolation for certain patients.  

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