Chaffee County Public Health reported the identification of new cases in Chaffee County that bring the county’s running  total up to 303 cases on its data dashboard.

Since Wednesday there have been seven cases testing positive in the general community including two staff members at Buena Vista Correctional Complex.

Of those, five are in the south end of the county, and two in the north end.

South end cases include a 36-year-old male, 24-year-old male, a 31-year-old male, a 60-year-old male and a 58-year-old female.

North end cases include a 32-year-old male and a 56-year-old male.

All but one of those testing positive for the virus in the last week were symptomatic.

All seven are listed as resting at home.

A gender breakdown of community cases shows 61.2 percent of cases have been male and 38.8 female. 

The current breakdown of positive cases of COVID-19 in Chaffee County since March is:

General community – 42

Columbine Manor Care Center residents – 44

Columbine Manor Care Center staff – 12

Buena Vista Correctional Facility inmates – 193

Buena Vista Correctional Facility staff – 12 

There has been no change in the number of deaths related to COVID-19 which stands at 19 deaths among those testing positive for COVID-19, 14 of which were directly related to the virus.

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