by Merle Baranczyk

Mail Editor and Publisher

A spring storm Monday night through Tuesday morning dumped 1.16-inches of rain, sleet and snow on Salida.

This was on top of the .94 inches southern Chaffee County received Friday-Sunday.

The combined 2.1-inches of precipitation is the most precipitation the Salida area received in a single storm since 2001 when a freak early May blizzard buried the city under 4- to 5-feet of wet snow with 4-plus inches water content.

The latest storm developed Friday evening with a cold front from the north passing from Canada over Montana, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming before enveloping much of the northern two-thirds of Colorado.

Monday evening’s storm started with a misting light rain at about 8:30, then through the night the mist turned to rain, heavy at times.

At about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday the rain turned to snow with temperatures recorded at the time of about 34-35 degrees.

Snow, rain and sleet stopped falling at about 9 a.m.

Businesses and residences were dealing with a slushy snowstorm aftermath.

At The Mountain Mail, a 2-inch layer of slush slid off the roof of the newspaper’s circulation handling area sending a torrent of water-slush  into the press-circulation area. The rooms were not damaged.

With temperatures climbing into the mid- to upper 40s, the National Weather Service forecast in Salida for Tuesday afternoon was calling for an 80-percent chance of showers, less than a tenth of an inch of precipitation, with higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

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