Shavano Academic Booster Club announced its December students of the month for Salida School District R-32-J.

Teachers select monthly winners based on excellence in academic achievement, extracurricular activities, special efforts and/or citizenship.

1217 sabc Levon Jones Dec.tif

Levon Jones

Levon Jones

Longfellow Elementary School second-grader

Parents: Mike and Phanny Jones

Nominating teacher: Charlie Verhoeven

Comments: Levon has a fantastic attitude towards school. He comes to school every day ready to learn and fill his brain with knowledge. He is nice to everyone in class and is a big help in the classroom.

1217 sabc James Criswell Dec.tif

James Criswell

Jimmy Criswell

Longfellow Elementary School fourth-grader

Parents: Joshua and Amy Criswell

Nominating teacher: Jennifer Giangiulio

Comments: Jimmy always comes to music class with a gigantic smile on his face. 

He is an outstanding singer, and is a true leader among his peers. 

His enthusiasm, joy and love of music is spread to everyone in our school. 

I especially love how he is so active in finding songs, dances, activities and even making power points to use for our lessons. What a joy it is to teach Jimmy.

1217 sabc Henry Hayes Dec.tif

Henry Hayes

Henry Hayes

Longfellow Elementary School fourth-grader

Parent: Bruce Hayes

Nominating teacher: Janée Martinez

Comments: Henry comes to class everyday beaming and hungry for knowledge. 

He is a magnificent role model and leader in our classroom. Academically, Henry strives for success in all subject areas; although his greatest strength is his knowledge and understanding of math content. 

He is focused on lessons, participates and works with his peers, and is always up for a challenge. 

His smile and positive attitude brighten our classroom everyday. It is an absolute joy to have Henry in our class this year.

1217 sabc Connor Garcia Dec.tif

Connor Garcia

Connor Garcia

Salida Middle School seventh-grader

Parents: Brian and Melissa Garcia

Nominating teacher: Sarah Zhang

Comments: Connor has strong comprehension skills and broad background knowledge in his areas of interest. 

He is enthusiastic about learning and sharing his insights in class discussions. 

This year, he has shown significant growth in his efforts to take responsibility of his learning and persevere through challenges. 

He has also shown tremendous effort during remote learning, often staying in virtual office hours for two to three hours after attending all of his virtual classes. 

We are lucky to have Connor as part of our learning community at Salida Middle School.

1217 sabc Wyatt Harris Dec.tif

Wyatt Harris

Wyatt Harris

Salida Middle School seventh-grader

Parent: Michael Harris

Nominating teachers: Seventh grade team: Jacque Fisher, John Goetz, Kate Madden, Wendy Zechman

Comments: Wyatt is an absolute pleasure to have in class. 

He is polite and respectful toward his teachers and fellow students, and his positive attitude and sense of humor bring a welcome energy to any class. 

Moreover, Wyatt is an empathetic young man who gladly offers help and support to his classmates. 

Wyatt has stayed on top of his school work and excelled academically in a year fraught with unimaginable challenges. He gives his best effort to everything he does.

1217 sabc Raeann Shively Dec.tif

Raeann Shively

Raeann Shively

Salida Middle School eighth-grader

Parents: Kenneth and Stephanie Shively

Nominating teachers: Eighth grade core teachers - Emily Henderson

Comments: Positive and upbeat, Raeann keeps a cheerful and persevering attitude in the midst of adversity. 

During remote learning, Raeann received an award for attending every online class and completing all her assignments with excellence. 

When learning something new, she hops right to it.

She takes pride in her work, demonstrating thoughtfulness, neatness and creativity. 

Raeann is not only dependable in class but also in her friendships with others. The eighth grade teachers look forward to having her in class each day.

1217 sacb Grace McFarland Dec.tif

Grace McFarland

Grace McFarland

Salida High School freshman

Parents: Scott McFarland and Renee Frazee

Nominating teacher: Chelsea Carpenter

Comments: Grace is a wonderful student. She not only excels at math, but she tries very hard to understand topics fully. 

She participates in class and is always willing to answer questions. She is also willing to help others when they are having a tough time understanding something.

1217 sabc Jesse Rollins Dec.tif

Jesse Rollins

Jessi Rollins

Salida High School junior

Parent: Yvonne Rollins

Nominating teacher: Fred Maxwell

Jessi goes above and beyond in AP World History in order to understand and articulate complex academic content. 

She is no doubt one of my top students. She is full of creativity and intrigue combined with intellect.  

This will bring her great success in academic pursuits in the future.

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