While Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced vaccine prioritization for those 65 and older, the state of Colorado has not made yet that change to its phasing which still prioritizes those 70 and older.

Chaffee County Public Health plans to inform the Chaffee County community if the state’s phases do change or expand.

The department asks that community members not call Chaffee County Public Health with questions about vaccination timelines.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience,” Chaffee County Public Health director Andrea Carlstrom said.

The county public health department’s online scheduler is currently full.

Additional first dose days and slot will only be added when the department is guaranteed they will have enough vaccine to do so.

Public health is also working with several providers to launch their vaccination programs as well.

A recent addition to the county’s vaccine providers is Buena Vista Drug which announced Monday it had received a limited amount of the Moderna vaccine which would be available to those in the 1B phase.

By Tuesday afternoon all of the slots at the Buena Vista location had been filled, however appointments were still available through Salida Pharmacy and Fountain.

Carlstrom said, “The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment cannot guarantee frequency or size of shipments, so we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we distribute the inventory that we do have.”

Chaffee County Public Heath currently has two online schedulers, one for testing and one for vaccinations.

For testing visit https://curative.com/sites/9101#9/38.5384/-106.0189

For vaccinations visit https://chaffeecounty.rsvpify.com/

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