Gov. Jared Polis clarified the state’s safer-at-home model of COVID-19 precautions Wednesday at a news conference.

Safer at home, as laid out by Polis, will loosen some restrictions of the stay-at-home order when that order ends Sunday.

New rules for safer at home include:

• Vulnerable populations and older adults must stay at home except when absolutely necessary.

• No group gatherings of more than 10 people.

• Critical businesses remain open with strict precautions (social distancing, masks for all employees, more frequent cleaning, etc.)

• Retail businesses may open for curbside delivery May 1, and there will be a phase-in of public opening with strict precautions.

• Restaurants and bars remain closed except for takeout and delivery, working toward phased reopening.

• Nightclubs, gyms and spas remain closed.

• Elective medical and dental procedures begin, with strict precautions to ensure adequate personal protective equipment and the ability to meet critical care needs.

• Kindergarten through 12th grade schools remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.

• Telecommuting continues for offices. Starting May 4, up to 50 percent of staff can work in person (with social distancing in place).

Polis said some restrictions under stay at home will still be in play under safer at home, including:

• Continue to stay at home as much as possible, and if you leave, do so for very specific tasks.

• Older adults and/or those who have a chronic condition must stay at home unless necessary.

• Continue to wear a facial covering and practice social distancing of 6 feet.

• Recreate close to your home, no more than 10 miles.

• Continue to limit interactions to members of your household.

• Gatherings of no more than 10 people.

Polis said safer at home is not:

• A free-for-all.

• An opportunity to leave the house as much as possible and spread the virus to others.

• An excuse to not wear a facial covering or a chance to give hugs or handshakes.

• Going to the mountains to spend the weekend.

• Conducting unnecessary travel.

• Having parties or get-togethers.

• Pickup soccer games or neighborhood barbecues.

While state orders are in effect, local governments retain the ability to create more restrictive local orders that better reflect the situation within the county and supersede the state’s order.

While the state public health order ends April 26, the Chaffee County Public Health order does not end until April 30.

Chaffee County Public Health has indicated new guidance will be presented to the community at that time.

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