“The Jungle Book”

Kaa and “coils” urge Mowgli to “Trust in Me” during the Salida Middle School fifth- and sixth-grade choir performance of Disney’s “The Jungle Book” Thursday. From left are Lily Sparks, Ashley Castillo-Flores, Phoebe Jones, Olivia Helmer, Alivia White and James Criswell.

A “hulla-Baloo” broke out at Salida High School auditorium Thursday night as the Salida Middle School fifth- and sixth-grade choir presented “The Jungle Book” for their end-of-the-year show.

The Disney musical, based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, featured musical numbers like “The Bare Necessities,” “I Wan’na Be Like You” and “That’s What Friends Are For.”

The performance was under the direction of Salida Middle School music teacher Katie Oglesby.

The cast included Makenzie Jefferson as Bagheera, Paityn Smith as Baloo, James Criswell as Mowgli, Kassandra Early as Shere Kahn, Elliana Veltri as Shanti, Alivia White as Kaa, Maddie Bowers and Kai Sh’Boe as Colonel Hathi, Clara Epperson as Baby Elephant;

Sophia Chou-Messa as Grumpy Monkey, Sean Jefferson as Silly Monkey, Dakota Boggs as Sassy Monkey, Owen Cozart as Old Monkey, Sydney Rohrich as King Louie and Kaiyah Hilgedick and Scarlett Herrmann as Vultures.

Kaa’s Coils were performed by Phoebe Jones, Olivia Helmer, Levi Flora, Ashley Castillo-Flores, Lily Sparks and Alyxia Wilcox.

The Jungle Ensemble included Zoe Bradner Fanning, McKinley McGovern, Griffen Melia, Sara Nay, Presley Schwarz, Harper Veltri, Kaila Franco, Jersie Hart, Jillian Madrid, Clara Epperson and Alexa Jimenez.

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