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Anytime Fitness employees film an online workout class to help members stay active while the facility is closed for COVID-19 precautions. From left are Jeremy Morse, Eric Johnson, Roxanne Sachtleben and Daniel Sachtleben.

To keep members active while their facility is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 precautions, Anytime Fitness Poncha Springs employees have begun filming workout sessions and posting them on social media every day.

The videos are being shared to members through email as well as on the gym’s Facebook page. They are also available for anyone, including nonmembers, on its YouTube channel, Heart of the Rockies Anytime Fitness.

Videos will feature several participants who can show the workouts performed at different skill levels. The courses will feature workouts targeted toward seniors and beginners, but they will also include high-intensity training, yoga and muscle-building courses. New sessions are uploaded every day.

Videos are less than 10 minutes, but they are meant to act as circuit workouts so participants are encouraged to rewatch them three to five times.

The decision to create the self-produced videos came immediately after realizing the gym would have to close its space on March 17. In a collective statement, the gym’s employees said they were adapting to the situation as best as they can.

“We certainly aren’t making a profit right now; we’re just hopeful we can pay the bills, pay back our banks and keep our amazing staff employed,” the staff said in their statement. “To that end, we are taking social distancing very seriously and providing at-home workouts and live programming sessions for our members.”

Co-owner Roxanne Sachtleben said exercise is especially essential during periods of intense stress.

“If stress continues to go on day after day, it does become toxic stress in our bodies,” she said. “Movement and exercise can provide structure and release for all that stress. That’s something that we are highly encouraging our members to take advantage of now.”

Members will be charged while the facility is closed in order to pay staff, loans and maintenance fees, but management is offering members who reach out complimentary days that will be put on the back end of their contracts. They are also developing a way to offer members free training and HydroMassage sessions once they reopen.

Sachtleben said the gym is asking for support from the community.

“Restaurants, bars, coffee shops have been able to transform into a takeout model and retailers are able to move into an online retail environment and still sell things,” she said. “And for us, we are getting creative. We are trying to bring value, but ultimately to keep this place open we need the support of the community.”

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