Local artists and other creatives are invited to showcase or perform their art from their windows, balconies, driveways, front yards, workspaces or borrowed commercial spaces as part of an upcoming national event and fundraiser.

RAW Artists, which describes itself as “the world’s largest independent arts organization,” is hosting The National Arts Drive, which will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. June 6. The event’s goal is “essentially blanketing the country in creative expression.”

RAW Artists has hosted art showcase events in 70 cities around the world for the last 11 years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of those upcoming events were postponed or canceled. The project is in response to the fact that 62 percent of artists and creative workers are unemployed due to the crisis, according to an Artist Relief Fund survey.

“Opportunities for artists to be seen, heard and supported through events, tours or showcases have been made impossible, almost overnight,” Yana Chikiris, RAW Artists’ Rocky Mountain community ambassador, said in an email. “Artists are really feeling the impact from all angles.”

Supporters are invited to drive around their community to observe local artists, performers, musicians and designers publicly display their work. The driving experience will be paired with a mobile website that will mark the performance and/or installation locations on a map, and drivers can then donate directly to the artist via Venmo or PayPal.

Founder and CEO Heidi Luerra said RAW Artists is entirely crowd-funded by participating artists. Over its lifespan, the organization has developed a network of more than 200,000 artists across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Australia. Almost a million attendees patronized their showcase events in the past.

More information can be found at NationalArtsDrive.com.

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