DUI arrests during 2019 The Heat Is On enforcement periods in Chaffee County

The Colorado Department of Transportation reported 8,513 DUI arrests during 15 The Heat Is On enforcement periods in 2019, a slight decrease from 9,687 arrests in 2018.

Of those, 115 DUI arrests were made by Chaffee County law enforcement agencies, including Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, 76; Salida Police Department, 27; and Buena Vista Police Department, 12.

Arrests made by Colorado State Patrol in Chaffee County were not available because CSP district data was not segregated by county.

During the 15 enforcement periods in 2019, which totaled 179 enforcement days, law enforcement made an average of 48 DUI arrests per day throughout the state.

Statewide, preliminary data shows 176 people died in impaired-related crashes on Colorado roads in 2019.

Chaffee County law enforcement reported a total of six fatalities in five road incidents in 2019. Of those one involved an impaired driver where two fatalities were reported.

The Heat Is On campaign, a collaboration involving CDOT, CSP and statewide law enforcement agencies, will continue in 2020 with 16 heightened DUI enforcement periods, a press release stated.

The 10-day Winter Blitz enforcement period begins on Jan. 17.

“A vehicle with an impaired driver behind the wheel is a serious threat to everyone on the road,” said Col. Matthew Packard, chief of Colorado State Patrol.

“There are still far too many impaired drivers that could cause harm to people out on our state’s roadways. We hope Coloradans make a concerted effort in 2020 to only travel with sober drivers.”

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