Chamber corner – Badger Creek Ranch

Badger Creek Ranch LLC is welcomed to Heart of the Rockies Chambr of Commerce with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The family-owned working and guest ranch is near Cañon City. From left are Liz Goertz, Andrea Evers, Brian Aitken, Dave McFarren, Chrissy McFarren and Gregory R. Clark.


Badger Creek Ranch, 5795 CR 2 in Cañon City, joined Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce and celebrated the occasion at a recent Open Gate Day event on the ranch.  

Badger Creek is a year-round working ranch and family-owned business that produces grass-fed and finished beef, lamb and pasture-raised poultry and pork.  

The business is owned by sisters Chrissy McFarren and Andrea Evers, with their spouses David McFarren and Brian Aitken.

They also operate a guest ranch with their high country location on the old Ute Trail near Gribbles Park.  

The ranch offer various choices including all-inclusive packages, working ranch packages, camping and wagon or carriage rides.  

The business donates 5 percent of proceeds from guest stays to Full Circle Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to regenerating, strengthening and healing the relationship between humans and the natural environment.

The Badger Creek Ranch lodging season runs from May through November (or when weather permits). 

They also sell their meats through online ordering, at the Salida Farmers Market and the Triangle Oasis Market.

This business offers apprenticeships for those who want to learn regenerative ranching and/or the lodging business.  

To learn more, call 719-837-2962 or visit


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