For the third year, Salida Planned Parenthood will host a fundraiser featuring recycled birth control cases decorated as holiday ornaments by local artists and volunteers.

The event will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Vino Salida, 10495 CR 120 in Poncha Springs.

The fundraiser originated in 2015 when the clinic staff was deciding what to do with a large number of unused compacts, according to a press release.

“For every box of six packs of birth control pills we get, we get six plastic compacts. But most people reuse their compact month to month, so we had literally hundreds of them sitting around the clinic,” Shelley Schreiner, the clinic’s health center manager, said in the release.

“We couldn’t just throw them away, so we decided to paint a few to look like Christmas tree ornaments and put them in the lobby for donation. We ended up raising over $3,000, so in 2016 we decided to have a reception and invite the community.”

At the 2016 event, the organization raised nearly $12,000. “We were trying to reinstate our sliding scale for our uninsured patients, which had been revoked due to budget constraints. We raised enough to save the sliding scale and provide IUDs to uninsured patients for $50 for the whole year,” Schreiner said.

“We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive and generous community that values the preventative health services we provide.”

The event is free and will feature ornaments decorated by local artists including Claire Deveney, Lynn Van De Water, Lindsay Sutton Stephens, Farrah Fine, Becca Hauser, Katie Maher, Zoe Rayor and more.

Light appetizers will be provided courtesy of several local restaurants who donated, along with $5 wine specials.

Entertainment will feature live music from Pint and a Half, 2B1, Cerelius and more.

The Chaffee Shuttle will run every 15 minutes between 5:30 and 9 p.m. between the caboose at the north end of F Street and Vino Salida.

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