Chaffee County Public Health announced it is launching a new initiative to encourage walking, called Chaffee Walks.

The department partnered with America Walks, Intrinsic Paths and Age Strong Chaffee Jan. 17 for a Walking Leadership Training, attended by 19 Chaffee County residents interested in facilitating walks in the area.

The event was led by walking artist, Walk2Connect founder and author Jonathon Stalls, who wrote the book “Walk, Slow Down, Wake Up and Connect at 1-3 Miles per Hour.”

Chaffee Walks is a circle of partners, neighbors, friends, volunteer leaders/co-leaders and more versus one organizational project or program, according to a press release. 

The new initiative was introduced by Salidan and Age Strong Coalition member Marilyn Bouldin, who attended the Colorado Walking College and upon graduation was given grant dollars to be used to initiate grassroots walking initiatives.

“As I have learned personally, walking is so beneficial to one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and this new initiative is a way to support all people in incorporating this activity into their daily lives,” Bouldin said.

Chaffee Walks has a Facebook group where organized walks can be found as well as on the website.

Chaffee County Public Health  and Age Strong Chaffee provide opportunities throughout the month to exercise and stay socially and mentally active. For details about this as well as other opportunities to Age Strong in Chaffee County, visit www.embracingagingchaffee or email Molly Bischoff at

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