Markets largely reversed opening gains throughout the day, finishing mixed to start the holiday-shortened week.

The energy sector led the gainers, with the financial sector also modestly higher.

Oil recently reached a post-pandemic high, and severe winter weather across the country has increased demand for oil and gas while also limiting production. Oil reached $60.20 a barrel.

Gold is lower, while 10-Year U.S. Treasury yields are higher, an indication that investor sentiment for equities continues to be positive.

The spot price of gold was down to $1,795.70 while the 10-year Treasury yields were up .08 percent to 1.29 percent.

International markets were mixed, Asian markets were higher, and European markets were posting modest losses.

Although the equity markets were closed Monday in observance of Presidents Day, the currency markets were still open.

Bitcoin crossed the $50,000 line, marking a sizable rally for the currency, as banks and companies have flocked to the currency on strong consumer demand.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that relies on blockchain technology, which is a form of a distributed ledger and decentralized record-keeping.

Bitcoin was created shortly after the 2008 financial crisis in response to what some believed was bad government and corporate financial management.

Bitcoin aims to have a limited currency supply, that is, the money supply cannot be controlled.

However, the currency does have some long-term challenges because it has no central-bank backing and has high competition from other cryptocurrencies.

It has also faced wild price swings, becoming an investment rife with speculation.

Volume on the New York Stock Exchange was 1,063,898,834 with decliners slightly outnumbering advancers.

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