Fifth-grader Henry Hayes passes a lacrosse ball at a field near Salida High School. The lacrosse club offers boys and girls from kindergarten to eighth grade a fun recreational opportunity.

Club lacrosse is available in Chaffee County for boys and girls ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Coach Lizzie Farnsworth said they are excited to bring a new sport to the county. Since starting this spring, the club has grown to more than 40 participants.

Farnsworth said lacrosse is America’s first sport. The game’s origins come from an activity by indigenous populations in the northeastern part of the continent.

“I was missing it,” said Farnsworth. “I’m so happy to bring it back.” She played the sport from elementary school through college.

Coach Lauren Tschirch said, “It’s like soccer but with sticks and a smaller ball.” Lacrosse uses the same field size and number of players as soccer. In boys’ lacrosse, players wear protective padding and helmets because the sport can get physical. Girls’ lacrosse has more rules in place limiting contact, and players only wear eye protection.

Coach Josh Buckberg noted it is a fantastic sport for children who enjoy teamwork, and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

Lila Chavez, 13, said she enjoys shooting at the goal the most, noting it is a constructive way for her to take out her anger.

Coach Mallory Perschke emphasized the teamwork aspect of the sport, saying it’s impossible for one person to win the game for their team. Winning requires coordination and cooperation with others on your team in a fast-paced environment.

Students are currently learning the basics of carrying, passing and shooting the ball using sticks. After mastering the basics, the club hopes to compete in games and tournaments across the state if there are enough members to form a full team, along with offering camps and clinics in the summer. Tschirch said, “We want more people to join.”

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